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Thinktiv’s BVA is the most holistic and impactful strategy program available to software-driven businesses and their investors.

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Maximize revenue and valuation with product-centric strategy.

Partner with Thinktiv to build prioritized and actionable product and go-to-market (GTM) strategies for your company. Align your entire organization to growth-driving strategic investments.

Case Study: Supplyframe
Sale to Siemens
0 Year
Time to Sale

We use the term 'orders of magnitude' when asked to describe the ROI of our Thinktiv strategy and go-to-market transformation engagements.

Steve Flagg |CEO, Supplyframe


Immediately actionable recommendations.

Prescriptive, actionable outputs delivered throughout the program. Our definition of success includes alignment and buy-in, so that management teams are ready to put plans into action.

Strategy Plan
  • Product Prioritization Strategy
  • GTM Positioning & Messaging Strategy
  • Value Proposition Architecture
  • Pricing & Packaging Architecture
Reports & Frameworks
  • Business Opportunity Assessment
  • Market Ecosystem & Positioning Assessment
  • Value Creation Levers
  • Ideal Customer Profiles
  • Voice of Customer Insights
  • Full Voice of Customer Survey Results & Charts
  • Customer Interview Guide & Online Survey
  • Management Kickoff & Workshop
  • Bi-weekly Presentation Decks for Co-Creation & Collaboration
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Check out our case studies.

Structuring valuable assets into a category-winning vision, with a monumental exit.

BVA + Accelerator
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The future of non-profit fundraising.

GRO + BVA + Accelerator
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Launching the most disruptive loyalty platform for multi-family renters, owners & operators.

BVA + Accelerator
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Accelerating agent acquisition and revenue expansion.

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Execute transactions with confidence and efficiency.

Thinktiv's GRO provides a comprehensive view of risks plus near-term identifiable Value Creation Levers™ for accelerating revenue growth post-acquisition.

Develop AI-centric product strategies for sustainable growth.

Align your GTM investments with your company’s highest-value AI-centric product opportunities and a market-validated AI product roadmap.

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