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Product Strategy

Mobilize efficiently with market-validated AI product and roadmap investments that leverage your company’s unique potential and commercial position.

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Cement Category Leadership with Product Strategies for the AI Landscape

AI Readiness Workshop

Collaborate with peers to establish an actionable view of AI value creation potential within product roadmaps. Sessions can be for individual companies or across a portfolio.

AI Product Value Architecture

Unlock value with AI-enabled product experiences in the near-term, and align your AI-centric roadmap to a longer-term sustainable growth narrative & category leadership strategy.

AI Readiness Assessment

Document the AI maturity of your current roadmap, the strategic value of your data assets, and the most valuable use cases for future category leadership in an AI-first market ecosystem.

Thinktiv brought our portfolio's product leaders together to align on the fund's AI strategy and share best practices. It was an immensely valuable use of two days. Thinktiv’s thoughtful approach provided a solid set of frameworks to assist our teams in quickly honing in on prioritized areas for AI investment, which would be accretive to existing product roadmaps.

Matt Warta |Managing Director, Bow River Capital

AI Readiness Workshop

Jumpstart your data & AI-centric product strategy.

Collaborate across teams to elevate differentiated AI-driven product opportunities and foundational imperatives to capturing AI-centric product value.

This workshop can be completed for one or multiple companies in tandem. It is a great opportunity to bring together the minds of the companies across your portfolio.

Kickoff & AI-Centric Product Strategy Priming

Thinktiv primes the team with context and frameworks to begin unpacking what the company’s data and AI capabilities actually are today and what potential they have. Get your team inspired, approaching data and AI as integrated facets of product strategy.

Thinktiv also provides worksheet and presentation templates for individuals to begin completing.

Individual Exercise Completion & Refinement

Participants complete Thinktiv’s prescribed exercises and synthesize outputs to examine how product and data assets could build into more valuable capabilities.

Thinktiv checks in with each attendee individually, pushing them to think deeper about the granular elements of their assets and roadmap, providing industry wisdom, and highlighting potential for differentiation. 

In-Person Workshop Presentations

Each participant presents their completed frameworks and resulting insights during live sessions. Thinktiv facilitates, promotes group discussion, and highlights key themes & takeaways across the presentations.

These sessions support cross-pollination of knowledge and ideas. Everyone leaves with a shared understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and key areas of focus to further their data + AI + product strategy.

Workshop Outcomes & Outputs

Collaborate and level-set on your company’s current AI-driven value creation potential

Come to terms with your company’s material gaps in data access and AI product-related capabilities

Elevate differentiated product opportunities and associated data assets to inform prioritized areas of AI product investment

Develop shared language and frameworks that can be leveraged to prioritize investments and mobilize teams

AI Maturity Self-Assessment
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Data Asset Inventory
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Product Value Architecture

Accelerate your AI solution roadmap.

Rapidly align product offerings and roadmaps to deliver customer-validated AI-centric capabilities and experiences.

Current State Evaluation

Begin with a deep evaluation of your current state, leveraging actionable documentation of your company’s current data assets and AI capabilities.

A robust, shared understanding of the current state and data asset opportunities inform Thinktiv’s value creation hypotheses to test with customers.

Product North Star Vision

Through in-depth qualitative and quantitative user research, Thinktiv elevates the most powerful problems to solve for your customers with AI. Uncover moments to leverage your data and provide outsized value.

Identify the highest value questions your AI model can answer and chart your North Star vision to category dominance.

AI Capabilities Foundations

Develop the capabilities roadmap and experience architecture your company needs to accelerate the execution of your market-validated AI product strategy.

This includes maps & frameworks of the essential mechanics of your AI solutions, and roadmaps for addressing high-priority data & capability gaps.

AI Commercial Narrative

Increase the impact of engagement with customers, prospects, and investors with a fully realized commercial narrative and assets that communicate the value of your AI-enabled product roadmap.

Showcase your enduring category leadership by connecting the dots from your near-term AI capabilities to the long-term vision of your North Star strategy.

AI Product value architecture


The Product Value Architecture program delivers a comprehensive set of artifacts that equip and mobilize your team on a de-risked, value-creation-maximizing roadmap.

North Star Product Strategy & Experience Architecture

Prioritized Data Asset and Product Capability Roadmaps

Holistic Data + Product + AI Commercical Narrative & Assets

North Star Product Strategy & Experience Architecture
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Prioritized Data Asset and Product Capability Roadmaps
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Holistic Data + Product + AI Commercial Narrative & Assets
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AI Readiness Assessment

Appraise your data assets & AI capacity.

Articulate your company’s unique potential and scrutinize its readiness to deliver AI-centric product experiences under current and future ecosystem pressures.


Using the Thinktiv AI Maturity Model™ as a guide, gain a better understanding of your competitors and their emerging strategies for leveraging AI capabilities to gain competitive advantage.

Gain insights into which adjacent players might emerge as threats as AI lowers competitive barriers.


Evaluate the AI maturity of your current product lifecycle and roadmap, to understand severity of risk and competitive gaps.

Identify key constraints— e.g. capital requirements, data infrastructure, organizational design and gaps, process impediments— that may undermine execution of an AI-centric product and business strategy.

Trends Impact
& Positioning

Understand how AI-accelerated secular trends will likely impact your industry and the overall value chain of your business.

Identify how AI may shift and accelerate competitive M&A strategies that could accelerate revenue displacement.

Customer Readiness
to Adopt

Through Voice of Customer (VOC) interviews, gain a preliminary understanding of your customers’ readiness to adopt AI-native tools and potential to churn.

Identify friction points across the existing customer journey which may be exposed to disruption from AI capabilities.

Program Deliverables
  • Competitive Landscape: AI Maturity Teardown
  • Organizational Readiness: AI Maturity
  • Value Chain of Risk
  • Secular Trend Risk Highlights Analysis
  • Voice of Customer: Interview Synthesis
  • Risk Scoring Model
  • Final Deliverable

Data Asset Inventory

Thinktiv evaluates the current state of your data assets and the value of those data assets in the context of the overall competitive ecosystem.

Pinpoint your prized data assets, chart how they build into valuable solutions, and define prioritized gaps to address in order to bolster the overall data asset value.

Ecosystem Analysis – AI Lens

Attain a better understanding of your competitors and their emerging strategies for leveraging AI capabilities to gain competitive advantage.

Glean insights in to the competitive implications of leveraging your data assets in the product experience, introducing new data collection touchpoints, emerging competitive threats, and potential M&A strategies.

AI Capabilities Roadmap Evaluation

Benchmark where your company’s product roadmap currently stands, and map how it can ascend in AI maturity.

Using the Thinktiv AI Maturity Model™, we evaluate your company’s current AI trailheads and its ability to sustainably grow in an increasingly competitive AI-centric environment.

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