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Lifecycle partners:
from acquisition to exit.

We unite go-to-market strategy & transaction advisory with decades of wisdom building software products. 

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Buy-Side Diligence
Growth Risk
& Opportunity
Our expert buy-side commercial due diligence and post-close strategy highlight the most valuable growth levers.

Thinktiv’s GRO includes our expert buy-side commercial due diligence, plus a post-close strategy plan highlighting a company’s most important growth levers.

  • Value Creation & Growth Opportunities | Going beyond due diligence, we identify a company’s most critical priorities that need attention upon acquisition centered on our Value Creation Philosophy
  • Company's Product Strategy, Team, and Practice
  • GTM strategy 
  • Product Feature & Functionality coverage
  • Organizational alignment



Thinktiv’s BVA maximizes revenue and valuation multiples within the investment hold period. We work closely with company leadership to build strategic product and GTM action plans.

  • Comprehensive Competitive Positioning Assessments
  • Robust Voice Of Customer Research
  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Development
  • Pricing & Packaging Optimization
  • Opportunity Sizing
  • Build & Buy Frameworks
  • Product Roadmap Initiatives
  • Value Messaging & Go-Forward Commercial Narrative
Portfolio Value Creation
Maximize revenue & valuation within the investment hold period, to build strategic product & GTM action plans.
AI Engagements
AI Product
Evaluate your business's vulnerability to AI-driven disruption and preparedness to leverage AI for exponential growth.

Mobilize efficiently with market-validated AI product and roadmap investments that leverage your company’s unique potential and commercial position.


Thinktiv accelerates product, brand, and GTM strategy through high-impact design, and positioning programs that increase the velocity of value capture as follow-ons to BVA engagements.

  • Product & Revenue Enhancement | We enhance existing product suites through development of seamless user experiences.
  • New Product Accelerators | We architect net-new products to drive upsell, cross-sell, and new logo revenue growth. 
  • Go-To-Market Accelerators | We execute identity updates, brand positioning, website refreshes, design makeovers, and develop sales collateral.

Portfolio Acceleration
Product & Brand
Accelerate product, brand, & GTM strategy through high-impact design, and positioning programs.
Strategy Advisory
Prepare for the next transaction event, we help navigate buy-side diligence for maximum outcomes.

Thinktiv prepares companies for their next capital raise or transaction event with the wisdom to successfully navigate buy-side diligence and position for maximum outcomes. 

  • Sell-Side Assessments | We provide insights to management into acquirer’s due diligence and how to prioritize remediations.
  • Executive Advisory | We provide ongoing support to leadership as it navigates strategic conversations. 
  • Go-To-Market Accelerators | We architect the strategic investor narrative & pitch aligned to the most compelling go-forward opportunities.



Superior outcomes for mid-market companies & operating partners.

  • Turnkey business transformation — the best product people in the business.
    John Berkowitz
    CEO, OJOlabs
  • Thinktiv's methodology helps us shorten time to insights, and they get to the meat of what will really drive our companies to grow revenue, profitability and value creation.
    Dan Dal Degan
    Operating Executive, Marlin Equity Partners
  • We use the term 'orders of magnitude' when asked to describe the ROI of our Thinktiv strategy and go-to-market transformation engagements.
    Steve Flagg
    CEO, Supplyframe
  • Thinktiv’s work supercharged Aceable’s early success & still helps guide our strategy years later.
    Blake Garrett
    CEO, Aceable
  • We at Bow River consider Thinktiv to be the premier strategy firm for growth and private equity stage software businesses.
    John Raeder
    Managing Director, Bow River Capital
  • Thinktiv was instrumental in crystallizing our strategy across product, marketing, & corporate development.
    Carrie Ivers
    CSO, GetWell
  • They knocked the cover off the ball and exceeded my exceptionally high expectations. Getting Thinktiv involved was one of the best investments I have made in my career.
    Nate Thatcher
    CEO, Xima
  • Within 3 months, Thinktiv saved us 1 year with essential course correction. We are energized and grateful for this ongoing partnership!
    David Wieland
    CEO, Realized
  • I was thoroughly impressed with their relentless focus on value generation, and I recommend Thinktiv, unconditionally, to any organization that seeks a path toward market leadership.
    Tim Leonard
    CEO, Product Plan
  • Thinktiv just gets how product works, how branding works, and helped us quickly go from zero to one to claim a category leadership position.
    Kevin Bradt
    CEO, CasaPerks
  • Thinktiv produces the exact type of strategic, growth-orientated output & plan that high-growth companies need to drive value capture post an investment.
    David Sikora
    CEO, Stratfor
  • Thinktiv has had a fundamental impact on two businesses where I was CEO — they are an indispensable asset to a growth-driven CEO.
    Ed Stevens
    CEO, Scoot
  • The thing that sets Thinktiv apart is their understanding and appreciation of market timing. The team is talented, creative, and above all reliable.
    Allison Dorey
    VP Product, Jasper Health

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