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Accelerating agent acquisition and revenue expansion.

Homesnap is a leading mobile real estate platform that provides buyers & sellers with agent-grade search data, and agents with comprehensive tools to manage their business.

Homesnap partnered with Thinktiv to overhaul its agent-focused product strategy, marketing enablement & automation, and messaging architecture.

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Homesnap needed to package and market its numerous job-specific tools as one unified solution for real estate agents to more efficiently manage fragmented responsibilities on a daily basis.
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Thinktiv developed a product strategy to accelerate agent-focused product revenue, a roadmap for building scalable B2B marketing operations, and a messaging foundation that shifted the market’s perception of Homesnap.
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Homesnap was acquired by CoStar for $250M two years later. Thinktiv's work laid the foundation for accelerated revenue growth, which was a major contributor to Homesnap's 4.46x increase in enterprise value.



Homesnap needed to dramatically accelerate growth with a focused solution narrative.
Problems to Solve

Homesnap's revenue generation from agents was limited due to their focus on tactical tools, creating an impetus to shift towards building an integrated solution. The lack of a mature B2B market and sales funnel also hindered success in driving agent solution revenue.

This fragmented approach to delivering end-to-end agent solutions resulted in an ambiguous messaging strategy to the market.

Thinktiv shifted market perceptions: Homesnap is a strategic agent platform.
How We Solved Them

Thinktiv developed a comprehensive UX strategy and product roadmap, which formed the basis for upselling agents from individual tactical tools to holistic everyday solutions.

We also provided a clear action plan that would enable the deployment and optimization of a sophisticated marketing engine, as well as foundational messaging architecture for accelerating agent demand generation and sales conversion.


Thinktiv delivered a new and de-risked product design concept that introduced a research-vetted agent focus, ensuring resource efficiency in bringing Homesnap’s product to market.

We effectively addressed potential risks, validated market demand, and assessed technical feasibility to mitigate any challenges.

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Thinktiv conducted interviews with Homesnap’s team and audited a majority of its existing business and marketing enablement technologies and processes. We then synthesized the primary research and conducted initial product solutioning research activities.
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We translated our product strategy and roadmap insights into a foundational messaging architecture for driving agent demand and conversion. Ultimately, Homesnap's new content, agent-focused website, and campaigns, which Thinktiv generated with a newly-activated marketing engine, were all guided by this new architecture.
Homesnap existing messaging vs new messaging architecture



How we made an impact
$250M acquisition at a 6x multiple
The Details
Thinktiv’s strategic positioning and foundational acceleration for revenue growth led to a 4.46x increase in Homesnap's enterprise value over 36 months.
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