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Named Top Innovator

2023 NOVA Awards
Revenue Increase

Q42021 - Q42022



Business value architecture

Enable differentiation and help customers future-proof their tech stacks.

Exegy offers a broad suite of differentiated solutions that serve leading financial institutions across the front office trading lifecycle.

Thinktiv elevated Exegy’s foundational advantages with a commercial narrative that transformed its competitive positioning, and built a GTM Architecture to support Exegy's revenue generation.

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Despite providing vital solutions for customers with significant purchasing power, Exegy wanted to more consistently secure lucrative contracts and access larger budgets.
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Thinktiv developed a new category leadership narrative and GTM architecture to drive new cycles of demand, new customer acquisition, and substantial expansion of installed bases revenue opportunities.
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Our work accelerated Exegy’s revenue growth and unlocked their position as the category leaders in intelligence-ready market data, future-proof trading infrastructure, and trusted expert guidance.



Exegy’s aim was to land
higher-value contracts and tap into larger budget pools.
Problems to Solve
In a highly competitive market, Exegy was having trouble positioning it's wide set of offerings and increasing brand awareness.

This was hindering its ability to establish meaningful client relationships, compete with well-known competitors, and target broader enterprise use cases & measurable business value.

As a result, Exegy was under-leveraging its highly differentiated, mission-critical offering, and leaving category leadership on the table.

Thinktiv transformed Exegy’s competitive positioning &
go-to-market initiatives.
How We Solved Them
Thinktiv provided a multi-tier messaging architecture, made recommendations for packaging architecture realignment, and prioritized Value Creation LeversTM .

Our work culminated in a comprehensive strategy for Exegy. The resulting category leadership narrative was tied to market requirements and demand which set the foundation for downstream go-to-market initiative transformation.

Thinktiv developed a map to guide Exegy’s go-to-market teams along product-focused growth pathways.

We identified opportunities to increase annual recurring revenue within their existing customer base and directed them on how to win new opportunities within priority and adjacent customer segments.

Exegy product-focused growth pathways

Thinktiv identified foundational advantages that put Exegy at the forefront of the advanced market data solutions with a breakthrough product as a driver of superior outcomes.
Exegy plotted on graph showing foundational advantage

Thinktiv created a hierarchical messaging architecture with a deep emphasis on Exegy's current and future solution differentiation. This was the foundation for aligning content to a repeatable, end-to-end customer acquisition lifecycle.
messaging architecture framework



How we made an impact
Record Q4 2022 sales for Exegy after our June 2022 engagement.
The Details
Thinktiv revealed Exegy’s foundational advantages, evolved the GTM architecture, and set in motion an integrated strategy to fully realize Exegy’s potential for revenue growth and value creation.
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