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business value architecture

The future of
non-profit fundraising.

Classy is an all-in-one non-profit organization CRM, analytics, and fundraising platform.

Thinktiv worked with Classy to co-create a new commercial product strategy. This improved its future enterprise value and aligned the organization to changing consumer behavior models.

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In advance of a capital raise, Classy needed to create a new long-term business and product strategy that aligned with projected consumer behavior changes and market white space.
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Thinktiv uncovered major pain points faced by NPOs across the market landscape, then built a corresponding commercial messaging architecture and investor narrative. We also proposed enhancements to the UX design system.
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Classy raised $140M between Series D and Growth Equity, 778% more than their last raise. $5B+ for NPOs have been transacted through the Classy platform. Classy was acquired by GoFundMe in 2022.



Classy wanted to
maximize its enterprise
value position.
Problems to Solve
While Classy was gaining traction during the point, growth, and mid ends of the market, it wanted to expand into enterprise and above.

To do this, it needed to inform product strategy and investor narrative to maximize its enterprise value proposition.

Classy needed help claiming and defending a category-leading position that would differentiate the business in both the near term and in the future.

Thinktiv aligned Classy’s strategy to its valuable market advantages.
How We Solved Them
Classy had clear differentiators and market advantages, and was positioned for explosive growth given the right narrative.

Thinktiv architected a superior packaging of Classy’s competitive narrative and the investment opportunity, with a focus on sustainable, long-term category leadership.

Thinktiv then aligned the organization to an actionable product innovation strategy that exploited these advantages in the mid- and long-term.

Through an exhaustive breakdown of the market, Thinktiv uncovered major pain points in the current NPO landscape that Classy was well-equipped to address. Thinktiv then built a messaging architecture establishing Classy’s strengths as the solutions to these problems.
Classy above point, growth, mid-market, enterprise, and national market expansion timeline

To fully capitalize on these breakthrough opportunities, Thinktiv analyzed Classy’s UX within this new framework. Strategy development centralized and built upon the new value messaging, such that Classy’s product exceeded the advertised value.
Classy interface visual design

Thinktiv then mapped out the long-term strategy to NPO market dominance. We outlined the TAM for each major opportunity stepping stone, establishing Classy as the leader in a new category of Donor Intelligence to optimize fundraising efficiency
Line graph of  overall gift retention rate and overall donor retention rate, with Classy above the average



How we made an impact
787% capital raise growth, and two years to exit.
The Details
Thinktiv's strategy and messaging realignment set Classy on a path to a huge capital raise, massive platform growth, and a successful exit within two years.
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