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“Thinktiv fundamentally positioned us to convert and deploy flagship customers, capture initial recurring revenue, and ultimately secure seed capital from a strategic investor.”

- Kevin Bradt, CEO

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BVA + Accelerator

Launching the most disruptive loyalty platform for multi-family renters.

CasaPerks offers a new approach for increasing multi-family apartment ROI with transformative rewards for renters. Its disruptive loyalty concept embodies substantial traction in an enormous, underserved market — the
multi-family residential ecosystem.

Through a multi-month partnership, Thinktiv delivered a new commercial narrative, an elevated visual brand, and a reimagined product experience — enabling superior capitalization outcomes for CasaPerks’

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A multi-stage approach constructed to capitalize on vast market potential through development of a powerful commercial narrative

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A compelling transformation of brand and product to attract and retain discerning residential customers

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Leveraging its new positioning, brand, and product, CasaPerks deployed a successful pilot that increased tenant retention and ROI, ultimately securing a new round of investment.
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Business Value Architecture
We established the foundation for CasaPerks
to claim category leadership in the emerging rental rewards space.
Problems to Solve
CasaPerks had to optimize its commercial narrative and business development efforts to elevate differentiation, mitigate risks, and align product strategy to customer value propositions in order to enhance valuation multiples for future investors.
How We Solved Them
We produced a targeted BVA assessment analyzing the overall market ecosystem, identifying robust value levers to accelerate revenue growth, and positioning the organization for enhanced valuation outcomes.
Market Ecosystem & Competitive Analysis
Thinktiv thoroughly assessed potential competitors within the larger rewards ecosystem to hone CasaPerks’ true competitive set. This analysis revealed the exponential difference in value of CasaPerks offering versus their potential competitors, and laid the foundation for CasaPerks’ overarching commercial narrative.
Line graph of CasaPerks vs competitor

Voice of Customer Research
Thinktiv conducted various rounds of stakeholder interviews to better understand value levers in the rental rewards space. Through these conversations, we uncovered pain points from both renters and property managers related to poor user experience and shallow value propositions of existing rental reward programs. These insights were utilized to craft CasaPerks’ GTM strategy to directly combat these potential pitfalls.
Voice of customer research showing price sensitivity to rewards challenges

Revitalized Messaging Architecture
Thinktiv created a compelling and authentic messaging architecture that speaks directly to the needs and value criteria of customers, intended to communicated the massive differentiation CasaPerks holds relative to the rest of the market.
messaging architecture template

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Brand Value Acceleration
We repositioned the CasaPerks brand to embody its promise to residents and property managers.
Problems to Solve
CasaPerks’ visual brand identity had to be transformed and matured in order to establish richer credibility with property owners, renters, partner brands, and investors. The brand required sufficient command to reinforce category leadership against competitors.
How We Solved Them
We delivered an elevated visual brand system that reflects CasaPerks’ superior loyalty and rewards offering. This updated positioning was manifested through a variety of branded touchpoints that support demand generation, sales cycles, and overall market traction.
The revitalized brand leverages warm tones, human-centered photography, and modern sans serif type to carve out differentiation within the market. These elements combine to embody the rewarding lifestyle that residents aspire to.



We re-architected resident and manager products to deliver value beyond rewards.
CasaPerks had already invested in a lightweight pilot product, but needed to significantly accelerate its product strategy and commercialization efforts in order to capture a broader base of multi-family communities and capitalize on its first-to-market advantage.
This Accelerator applied user experience research, product strategy, and UX design to align the evolving product to existing and future market demand, alongside the usability requirements and unmet needs of users.
Thinktiv delivered radically transformed experiences for both residents and property managers. The new mobile app for residents streamlines and personalizes the rewards process, while the property manager platform provides operators with actionable insights on program performance.
Thinktiv delivered radically transformed experiences for both residents and property managers. The new mobile app for residents streamlines and personalizes the rewards process, while the property manager platform provides operators with actionable insights on program performance.
CasaPerks interface on mobile view and desktop view
CasaPerks visual design screens
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