Let’s talk about what’s possible
Let’s talk about what’s possible.
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We create category-leading businesses through proven solutions that enhance valuations and accelerate revenue growth.

Thinktiv Value-Creation Philosophy

Our approach unpacks the drivers of Enterprise Business Value to maximize company performance regardless of stage or scale.

We offer companies and investors
value-creation solutions aligned
to critical moments throughout
the investment lifecycle

Our team has unparalleled experience navigating the demands of the Fortune 500 and the complexities of today’s Enterprise Software ecosystem.

From mid-market transforms, to idea-stage inventions, leverage our modern best-practices and access to the new waves of innovations to supercharge your next initiative.

Enterprise-grade Strategy +
Start-up Innovation

Your secret weapon to battle against emergent threats and incumbent leaders.

Pre-transaction Investment Support

We identify opportunities and risks that impact asset valuation.

Our Pre-transaction Diligence Reports highlight hidden market, product, technical, and operational risks.

Informed by our decades of operating experience, our full-spectrum assessments provide actionable insights and a prioritized Value-Creation Roadmap to accelerate future strategies.



In our work since 2018, we have assessed over $12B in transaction value under LOI.



Our insights have helped our partners re-trade or avoid an estimated $944m in deals with limiting risk factors.


Our unique diligence approach allows us to assess technology-enabled companies across a wide range of industry sectors.


Special situation support: merger, bolt-on, carve-out, and turn-around.


Transactions supported in the last 24 months.


Different industry sectors supported in transactions.

We Invent
& Transform Companies.

We have been the value generation engine for emergent companies for over a decade.


Total capital invested
in our early-stage customers


Proven partner to a substantial number of the Fortune 500


Equity investors in over 35 Portfolio Companies


Enterprise exit value generated


Value-creation programs delivered across every major commercial sector

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We Architect Winning Businesses.

Go farther, faster. Our programs integrate business architecture and strategy with acceleration services to deliver turnkey results. LEARN MORE

Value-Creation Solutions.

At every stage of investment, we systematically maximize the potential of your business. Our Value-Creation Solutions are a catalyst for growth. GET STARTED

01 Thinktiv Business Value Architecture
02 Pre-Transaction Diligence
03 Post-Transaction Acceleration
04 M&A and Growth Strategy
05 Product Strategy
06 Go-to-Market Strategy
07 Brand Strategy
08 Customer-centered Innovation

Brand Strategy

Champion your customers

Communicate what matters — even when you don’t say a word. For company carve-outs, consolidation, or new entities, brand transformations offer a path to ignite customer bases and supercharge your go-to-market strategy.

Customer-centered Innovation

Speak your customer’s language

Find the words that work. Prioritize what matters. Define what’s next. We’ve spent tens-of-thousands of hours in interviews, surveys, and contextual studies alongside customers discovering what matters most to them — and turning those insights into business outcomes.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Activate your ideal customers

Bring clarity and focus to your sales and marketing activities. We’ve been selling software and technology-enabled services for nearly half a century. As a natural extension of our BVA, our Go-to-Market strategy ensures sales and marketing activations are providing value to you, and your customers.

M&A and Growth Strategy

Transaction strategies for growth

We augment your executive team with seasoned transaction experience. Gain insight into aligned deal flow and evaluate inbound opportunities in real-time while you maintain focus on the core business.

Post-Transaction Acceleration

Solutions for Enterprise Value Growth

Post-transaction, we help you design and execute corporate transformation initiatives. Our integrated programs accelerate your time-to-value horizon while enhancing long-term returns. Let’s get started with our prioritized Value Creation Roadmap.

Pre-Transaction Diligence

Protect Enterprise Value Integrity

Our pre-transaction diligence highlights hidden market, product, technical, and operational constraints. Our full-spectrum Diligence Reports identify opportunities and risks that impact asset valuation.

Product Strategy

Guarantee your customer’s loyalty

Great products deliver life-long advocates. Make significant improvements in Enterprise Value through compelling product design. Product Strategy is hard, trust a team of experts who have contributed billions of dollars in enterprise value through product innovation.

Thinktiv Business Value Architecture

Position for Maximum Enterprise Value

Thinktiv’s BVA is an organizational alignment tool that helps you maximize investment impact and long-term optionality. Use it to guide internal teams and external stakeholders to enterprise value. Our Business Value Architecture de-risks customer churn and increases the ROI of future strategic growth or R&D initiatives.

disciplinary Pioneers.

Our elite team’s investment-driven focus, combined with decades of operational experience delivers results that others can’t match.

  • Product Strategists Product
  • Data Scientists Data Scientists
  • Behavioral Economists Behavioral
  • Market Analysts and quants Market Analysts
    & Quants
  • Financial Strategists Financial
  • Cultural Anthropologists Cultural
  • Storytellers Storytellers
  • Brand Managers Brand
  • UX UI Designers User Experience
    & UI Designers
  • Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs
  • Customer Advocates Customer
  • Technologists and Architects Technologists
    & Architects
It is impossible to overestimate Thinktiv's impact on our success. — Ed Stevens, CEO Preciate FRM. CEO SHOPATRON
Acquired by Vista Equity Partners
Thinktiv Portfolio Company
A critical partner to our fund and portfolio’s success. — Chris Joseph Managing Partner & Principal CLOVIS POINT CAPITAL
They are product and marketing genius. — Carrie Ivers Reeuwijk FRM. CSO GetWellNetwork PAMPLOMA CAPITAL
Thinktiv is the real deal and a hugely valuable long-term partner. — Dave Sikora CEO, ALTR, FMR. Private Equity Executive Thinktiv Portfolio Company
Turnkey business transformation — the best product people in the business. — John Berkowitz CEO, OJO LABS, $45M Series C Thinktiv Portfolio Company
Thinktiv’s work supercharged our early success, and still guides us today. — Blake Garrett CEO Aceable, $47M Series B /
$55M Total
Thinktiv Portfolio Company
Austin, TX|Downtown

About Thinktiv

Thinktiv is a value-creation consulting firm. As trusted partners to leading startup founders, established businesses, and their boards, we transform organizations to maximize their value.

We are software-natives driven by a fierce get-shit-done entrepreneurial spirit.

We’re an elite team of business veterans as well as technology pioneers. With a fully integrated understanding of market and customer behavior, we find value where others don’t. We tackle challenges others won’t. And we deliver results others can’t.

We’re hands-in alongside you: enhancing organizational capacity in real-time with state-of-the-art thinking and world-class delivery. We’ll help you go farther, faster.

We architect businesses: Our Business-Value Architecture positions companies to achieve premium valuations coupled with the needed strategies to grow revenue and protect enterprise value. Our Value-Creation Solutions are investment-driven and evolved from decades of real-world operating wisdom. At the heart of our operation is Thinktiv’s Value-Creation Philosophy. It identifies and de-risks the obstacles that threaten a company’s Enterprise Value and provides insights to build future Enterprise Value growth.

We specialize in mid-market transformations. From pre-transaction diligence to divestiture, we support executive teams and their investors throughout the investment lifecycle to enhance business value.

We also selectively invest alongside our partner firms in proven entrepreneurs. For over a decade and in thirty-plus deals, Thinktiv has served as the value generation engine for invention-stage companies.

We are Thinktiv. The architects of next.

Founded in 2005, Thinktiv headquarters in Austin, TX and maintains a presence in New York City. We do work that matters throughout the world, with clients who don’t believe in the status quo.

Reach us at +1 512 745 8100.