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Value Creation Accelerators

Thinktiv accelerates product, brand, and GTM strategy through high-impact design & positioning programs, increasing the velocity of value capture.

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Customer-centric experiences and brands built to capture value.

Product Strategy

We build off BVA insights to define a robust and customer-validated product roadmap with pinpointed use cases, designs concepts, and opportunities to incorporate AI.

3 - 12 months

Product Design

We enhance existing products and architect net-new ones with seamless experiences that focus on driving revenue growth & retention.

3 - 12 months

Brand & Go-To-Market

We execute brand positioning, identity design, website builds, and develop a variety of sales collateral to fortify your place in the market.

1 - 3 months

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Thinktiv is a fundamental partner that spans go-to-market, product, and brand. They understand how to combine deep market and user research to create compelling customer experiences that accelerate market traction.

Kevin Bradt |CEO, CasaPerks

Product Accelerators

Product-driven value creation.

Whether you need to transform your existing product or launch a new one.

1 Month


Leverage empirical research to best understand customer needs, market dynamics, and the most powerful opportunities for your product to generate value.

6 Weeks


Rapidly visualize your product’s ideal state by combining iterative concept creation with lightweight market research and user validation.

2 - 3 Months


Build a winning product by leveraging market research, user testing, AI opportunity analysis, and journey mapping to produce actionable high-fidelity designs.

Monthly Retainer

UX Design

Accelerate the launch of your new product experience using iterative cycles of UX prototyping, usability testing, design system build-out, and development coordination.


Brands that amplify differentiation.

Our Brand Accelerator transforms your visual identity system
to gain credibility and momentum to expand and accelerate sales.

2 Weeks


We structure brand assessments, using qualitative research methods, to understand a client’s background and competitive context.

Evidence-based brands enable clients to cement themselves as leaders in their category.

2 Weeks

Brand Strategy
 & Differentiation

Using our findings from the competitive assessment, we establish a clear position for differentiation that elevates a client’s brand to fully embody its positioning and messaging.

3 Weeks

Brand System

A brand’s look and feel signals a company’s priorities and create an emotional response for users. We aim to have each element of the brand embody the brand goals - This builds brand equity, loyalty, and distinction. 

2+ Weeks


We create assets for a multitude of brand touchpoints, including the website, socials, communications, sales sheets, investor decks, and internal presentations. Along with asset delivery, we provide brand guidelines so our clients can scale with confidence. 


Check out our Accelerators case studies.

Revolutionizing military pilot logistics training and management.

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Structuring valuable assets into a category-winning vision, with a monumental exit.

BVA + Accelerator
Supplyframe case study card
Launching a loyalty platform for multi-family renters, owners & operators.

BVA + Accelerator
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The future of non-profit fundraising

GRO + BVA + Accelerator
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Quickly bring your strategy to market with our Accelerators.

Our elite GTM and Product Accelerators teams works closely with the BVA team, allowing them to start work during the BVA engagement.

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Maximize revenue and valuation with our product-centric value creation.

Build a GTM and product strategic plan post-close with Thinktiv's Business Value Architecture™.

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Let's talk about the right value creation strategy for your business or portfolio company.