Best Strategy + Fastest Execution = Winning.

Our unique services model focuses on identifying the optimal strategy for achieving a winning outcome in your market, then applying diverse talent – product, demand generation, technology, marketing – to achieve traction faster than the competition.  Over time, we combine this rapid-cycle execution with evolving value-building strategies that help you achieve great outcomes.

It would be hard to overestimate Thinktiv’s impact on Shopatron’s recent success. Top notch creativity combined with intellectual horsepower — that’s what Thinktiv means to me.
— Ed Stevens, CEO, Shopatron

Your most valuable demand signal

We deeply evaluate your company’s current assets, assess the demand signals in your target market, evaluate the competitive market gaps, and pinpoint the most valuable opportunity to win.

Demand Identification Services

Thinktiv was our co-founding partner for the entire lifecycle of Energytics. With their strategic guidance and diverse execution talent supporting our core team, we went from whiteboard to outstanding exit in 28 months.
— Justin Rasberry, CEO, Energytics

Beautiful Web and mobile software serving market needs

Our product strategists, designers and technologists work with your team to conceive, design and build the product functionality and end user experience that will unlock your market opportunity.

Web and Mobile Product Services

Thinktiv has consistently been our source for highly cost effective, beautiful product solutions that create great response from users and the press.
— Greg Brogger, CEO, SharesPost

Efficient acquisition of the best customers

We deliver the brand identity, messaging, content, go-to-market strategy, and demand generation programs you need to efficiently acquire, convert and retain customers and partners.

Demand Generation Services

Thinktiv showed us the opportunity to execute a wholesale transformation of our market strategy, then put the right resources in place to quickly make that vision a reality. We’ve grown from 35 customers to over 6,000 with their help.
— Stacy Young, CEO, QuickGifts

Strategy that matters to great outcomes

Our leadership team will act as your ongoing strategic advisor, helping you achieve rapid, profitable growth, execute the right capitalization strategy, and position for the most valuable exit.

Advisory Services

The Thinktiv team is full of rock star strategic thinkers. They’ve been a fantastic partner for us.
— Scott Francis, Founder/CTO, BP3

We build winning companies.

Let us help you build yours.