July 25, 2022

Thinktiv hires elite software operator Ashlyn Gentry Yue to accelerate growth

Thinktiv, an Austin-based integrated value creation consulting firm, hires software and strategy executive Ashlyn Gentry Yue as its Chief Growth Officer & Operating Partner.

Thinktiv is pleased to announce that Ashlyn Gentry Yue has joined the company’s executive team as a Chief Growth Officer & Operating Partner to capture increased demand for its industry-transforming integrated value creation solutions. Gentry Yue will be responsible for scaling Thinktiv’s growth by helping clients improve their strategy, operations, and valuations.

Thinktiv hires elite software operator, Ashlyn Gentry Yue to accelerate growth
Ashlyn Gentry Yue, Operating Partner

Thinktiv continues to deliver unparalleled results to private equity-backed, software and tech-enabled companies poised for growth. Gentry Yue will lead the company’s consulting practice to scale its offering. She joins the team to field the increasing demand for modern approaches to value creation from private equity partners and company executives.

“Thinktiv’s mission is to transform companies into the most valuable version of themselves, which also includes ourselves,” said Justin Petro, Thinktiv’s CEO and Founder. “Ashlyn’s growth-oriented mindset perfectly matches Thinktiv’s integrated Value Creation philosophy. As a result, she will be a phenomenal center of gravity for our organization — raising the bar for everyone. I’m delighted another seasoned female leader has chosen to join our executive team to provide her substantial experience to our premier Private Equity partners.”

Gentry Yue has led growth and business transformation for companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 100. She previously led Trust Innovation at Edelman and co-founded the investment firm, Attention Capital. Gentry Yue was SVP of Commercial Growth and Business Strategy at Palantir, where she worked with C-suites at Fortune 100 companies to develop and execute business transformations to help companies better monetize their data. Additionally, she served as VP and Special Advisor to the CEO at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, where she supported the Global Chairman on operations, client cases, and business strategy.

“Executives today face higher expectations than ever before. They are expected to be good stewards of investment, social and cultural leaders, and high-growth oriented,” said Gentry Yue, Chief Growth Officer. “These executives have found, in Thinktiv, a collaborative partner who approaches value creation from a perspective focused on the outcome of the next transaction event. This enables a company to capture its highest return when ready for the next stage of growth.”

In addition to her professional work, Ashlyn devotes considerable time to her community and philanthropic endeavors, focusing on leveling the playing field for women in business. “I have experienced firsthand the additional barriers women in business face along their journeys of becoming leaders,” said Gentry Yue. “It was abundantly critical for me to work with a company and team that is committed to helping women and minority executives succeed. I’m thrilled to be working with clients who are breaking their own barriers.”

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