Thinktiv Playbook: Market Leap

Workstyle is a personality platform that empowers your employees, teams, and entire organization to identify and remove the personality barriers that prevent your business from reaching its full potential. Mattersight, a publicly-traded, mid-market company with a portfolio of successful products in the call center analytics space, made a strategic decision in 2015 to launch a new product to fuel a new wave of revenue growth. Mattersight engaged Thinktiv to become its in-sourced innovation partner and to leverage its existing intellectual property to ideate, design, and launch a net-new product line. Workstyle launched in 2016 and Thinktiv continues to work with Mattersight to achieve the long-term vision of making Workstyle the leading AI-driven personality platform for enterprise.

Services: Market Strategy + Market Analysis + Business Development Strategy + Corporate Development Strategy + Branding + Messaging + Website Design + Go-To-Market Strategy + Product Strategy + Product Development + UI Design + UX Design + Content/Collateral 

Market Sector(s): Enterprise, Saas, Education, Telecom, B2B, Gaming, Analytics, AI