Thinktiv Playbook:  Advisory

Over several years, GasBuddy built a collection of data and media properties that made the company the definitive source for hyper-local retail gasoline prices.  With over 100 million combined monthly web and mobile visits, GasBuddy exerted tremendous influence on consumer gas and convenience store spend, by allowing in-market consumers to find the most affordable, convenient retail fuel in their local area.  After receiving inquiries from several interested acquirers, the company engaged an investment bank to execute a competitive process for selling the company.  GasBuddy engaged Thinktiv to work alongside its bankers to create world-class, highly visual presentation materials that would be used to market the company to potential acquirers.  The process was a rousing success, and GasBuddy was ultimately acquired by Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) in March 2013.

Services:  M&A Advisory + Messaging + Content/Collateral + Go-To-Market Strategy

Market Sector(s): Energy, Mobile Media, Data Crowdsourcing, Information Services, B2C

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