Thinktiv Playbook:  Market Leap

When BlueHornet met Thinktiv in 2015, they already had a stable footing in the Email Campaign Management Software industry with consistent growth since its founding in 2000.  The organization had gone through multiple acquisitions over the last five years; evolving as an organization, but carrying the same legacy software experience that it built in the early 2000’s.   Its customer service emerged as a core driver of ensuring customer retention, and many of its current customers have been loyal for multiple years.  

The competitive landscape has changed significantly in the last fifteen years.  The value of marketing automation and targeting customers as emerged without question as a value driver for organizations.  Many new Email Campaign Management Software providers have emerged.  This has lead to  industry saturation and multiple providers targeting specific industries and sizes of companies.  However, in today’s environment pressures are even more prevalent; the competition is coming from both sides of the spectrum as most company's growth objectives require capturing more market share across multiple industries and sizes of companies.

In a sea of Email Campaign Management Software providers, a clear set of value propositions that match a provider’s target audiences’ demands are not only essential but required.  BlueHornet’s software experience lagged, but while new feature-sets could enhance customers’ experiences with usability, true alignment to a company's growth and growth objectives, need a holistic approach that align with the company’s entire business value creation methodology.

BlueHornet considered hiring development shops and design agencies, but realized that its business is an ecosystem of interrelationships that required a holistic view to creating business value as the foremost objective of the organization.

To achieve business value creation, Thinktiv applied industrial strength and proven methodologies to define, design and deliver a solution that enhanced personalization by providing more targeted segmentation.  Thinktiv surrounded the BlueHornet organization with a interdisciplinary team of innovators and conducted market research by listening to customers desires and demand signals.  Thinktiv worked side-by-side with the BlueHornet executive team to identify its near term capabilities that intersect with customer’s desired value priorities.  With these efforts, we prioritized and developed a unique approach to email campaign segmentation that positioned its customers to target its email subscriber with better relevance and accuracy.

Outcomes: 20% increase in enterprise value

Services: Market Strategy + Market Analysis + Corporate Development Strategy + Branding + Messaging + Product Strategy + UI Design + UX Design

Market Sector(s): Marketing Automation SaaS, SaaS, Enterprise, B2B