Thinktiv Playbook: Amplifier

BlackLocus is a leading provider of comparative pricing software-as-a-service (SaaS), used by leading retailers to identify opportunities to capture high margin sales through competitive pricing.  When Thinktiv met BlackLocus, the company had just released a new version of its best-in-class solution, and had raised a $2.75 million Series A capital round to expand sales and marketing initiatives.  

Thinktiv conducted a strategic market analysis that led to BlackLocus shifting from a messaging strategy focused on competitive feature comparison, to a value-based messaging approach.  Thinktiv developed the company’s new messaging platform and designed a new visual brand that reflected the elevated story.  The project placed the company in a more strategic context within the overall market, allowed the company to target previously inaccessible buyers within retail enterprises, and established a basis for commanding premium subscription prices.   Shortly after the project was completed in Q4 2012, BlackLocus was acquired by Home Depot.

Services:  Market Analysis + Branding + Messaging + Website Design + Content/Collateral

Market Sector(s): Retail, SaaS, Big Data, Analytics, Enterprise, Pricing, B2B

Do you have a million dollar product and a brand that undermines it?