Thinktiv Playbook:  Amplifier + Market Leap + Colonization

Thinktiv acted as a strategic partner to Attivio over a multi-year period, as they grew from an innovative startup to an established leader in the enterprise search market, backed by over $70 million of institutional investment capital.  Originally, Thinktiv executed a rapid transformation of the company’s visual branding and messaging platform, allowing it to market effectively against leading players in the sector.  The relationship evolved as Attivio tapped Thinktiv to create value through product strategy, by delivering simple, interactive, and highly visual search experiences in the next version of their Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) product line.  

Attivio quickly gained recognition as a user experience leader in a market that had traditionally struggled to engage end users.  After this success, Attivio engaged Thinktiv to act as content partner in competitive sales cycles, where for key opportunities, Thinktiv would create rich product visualizations showing branded versions of the AIE platform addressing prospect-specific challenges and use cases.

Services: Go-To-Market Strategy, Branding, Messaging, Content/Collateral, Product Strategy, Product Development, UI Design, UX Design

Market Sector(s): Enterprise Search, SaaS, Enterprise, B2B

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