Thinktiv Playbook:  Strategic Advisory

When Thinktiv met Adlucent in the Summer of 2012, the company had built a strong business as a market-leading paid search consulting agency with a consistent track record of delivering unmatched results for their large retail clients.

Recognizing that proprietary technology played a key role in their ability to deliver ROI, the company retained Thinktiv as a strategy advisor focused on re-positioning the business as a “Big Data” marketing SaaS provider.  In this role, Thinktiv delivered a comprehensive market analysis that supported strategic planning, helped Adlucent identify immediate opportunities to shift the market’s perception of its offering, and developed a product roadmap strategy presentation that was used to expand and fortify client relationships.

Services: Market Analysis

Market Sector(s): Retail, Big Data, Analytics, Enterprise, e-Commerce, B2B

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