Intelligent Light Source

The founding team at ILS was passionate about bringing innovative new lighting technologies to the practice of indoor growing.  Through a unique combination of advanced light technologies developed at MIT’s Discovery Lab, ILS offers ‘intelligent’ lighting products that control light spectrum and intensity to replicate the cycle of natural daylight optimal for growing particular crops.  These innovations result in superior crop yields in faster cycles of time compared to conventional indoor growing, while generating richer, denser plants and edible produce.

ILS partnered with Thinktiv in early 2014, to achieve a comprehensive go-to-market strategy. Thinktiv produced a visual brand, developed a compelling messaging platform, and deployed the e-commerce website and marketing collateral required to begin generating sales.  The Thinktiv team also helped ILS develop its distribution strategy, pricing approach, financial model, and investor materials for a successful round of capital fundraising.