Steve Waters: My Introduction

Those of you who have been paying attention over the past couple months may have noticed that the Thinktiv leadership team is making a concerted effort to blog. We are pushing ourselves to publicly say something (hopefully) interesting on a more consistent basis about our strategy, emerging models of entrepreneurship and early-stage investing, and other topics that we're excited about. We made this commitment to publish our thoughts because we think our version of "venture acceleration" and "value-added capital" investing is extremely unique and disruptive, and without some decent ongoing reference materials, we risk becoming a creature that is tragically misunderstood by the ecosystem we want to serve. Part of what makes us valuable as venture accelerators, investors, and partners is that we bring a diversity of high impact expertise to bear on technology-enabled businesses. Our different perspectives smash together around companies and market opportunities, and usually produce really good insights and outcomes. Unfortunately, what makes us special also makes it hard to publish a coherent blog. If there aren't at least a few of us blogging about venture acceleration from our respective points of view, then we are guaranteed to appear myopic, distracted, insane ... or all of the above. So we've signed up for the task.

Let's just say that it has been easier for some of us than others. My office mate Jon Kolko (@jkolko) was already an accomplished blogger, author and thought leader on design-related topics ... and he effortlessly embraced the challenge. @jkolko (not to be confused with another brilliant communicator with a similar name) has already published insightful pieces on the role of designers in startups, along with various posts about design thinking as it relates to commercial product strategy and social entrepreneurship.

Then we have our CEO Jonathan Berkowitz (@berkokid), who in addition to being the esteemed master of ceremonies here at Thinktiv, is a product strategy ninja and big thinker on startup-related issues. However, he's never been a blogger, and his humble nature (and relentless execution mindset) make blogging feel like a soul-scraping voyage into the Heart of Darkness. @berkokid has valiantly battled through it over the past few weeks, writing excellent posts about startup leadership, turning ideas into valuable products, and a great initial discussion of Thinktiv's overall market strategy. While it's exciting that he has hit his stride, I'm facing the fact that it's now my turn to step across the threshold into unfamiliar territory and an unknown future.

So here we are. As the Managing Director of Thinktiv Ventures, I'm going to be writing about our investment model, the variables that create great acceleration opportunities, the businesses and entrepreneurs that have chosen to partner with us, and (*sound of knuckles on wood*) the successful outcomes our portfolio companies ultimately achieve. Please be patient while I zero in on my long term voice.