Conceivable + Thinktiv = Fertility Innovation

As Spring unfolds, we couldn’t be more excited to announce the public launch of Conceivable.  Thinktiv co-founded the company with leading fertility wellness expert and clinician Kirsten Karchmer.  Conceivable is the first tech-enabled, modern fertility program, designed to help women who are having difficulty getting and staying pregnant. 

  Kirsten Karchmer Founder and CEO


Kirsten Karchmer
Founder and CEO

Prior to forming Conceivable, Kirsten founded and ran one of North America’s largest and most influential fertility wellness and reproductive acupuncture clinics, where she developed and applied her program over 15 years with 7,000+ couples.  The integrative program - combining fertility science, personalized lifestyle/wellness interventions, and proprietary herbal formulas - specifically focuses on identifying and naturally addressing the underlying health factors that contribute to diagnoses of infertility.  These diagnoses range from well-known conditions like endometriosis, PCOS or high FSH, to the common occurrence of infertility that cannot be explained by medical specialists. 

Over the past 15 years, Kirsten’s program Has
made the dream of parenthood a reality for thousands of couples, many of whom had previously been told they had little hope of having a child naturally.

In mid-2013, Kirsten asked Thinktiv to help her expand the reach of her program, so that it could help the millions of U.S. women who are diagnosed as infertile each year.  After learning more about the science behind the program (where we became more educated on the menstrual cycle than we ever thought possible!), and being amazed by the tremendous reputation and results associated with Kirsten’s work, we jumped at the chance to become her partner.

We were particularly excited about the ability to work on a business that breaks through the standard limitations of “Quantified Self” applications. In the past few years, we’ve seen countless ‘tracker’ applications, allowing us to track our diet, exercise, vital signs, and more.  The fertility space is a great example. There are over 500 mobile applications focused on tracking ovulation and menstrual cycle data, the most publicized of which is Glow, led by PayPal co-founder and CTO Max Levchin. These apps are great for fertile women who want to capture data that sheds light on the most fertile windows of their monthly cycle, so that they can more effectively plan to have (or avoid) intercourse. For women who are struggling to get pregnant, or who have received certain diagnoses related to infertility, these apps lose their usefulness.

Conceivable is a program developed specifically to help these women - as one reporter recently put it, “it’s what comes after Glow”.  Kirsten’s vision was to replicate with technology the experience of going to her clinic, where she doesn’t just capture data from patients, but connects that data with underlying health factors that inhibit fertility. And relates those connections to proven wellness interventions, like herbal supplements, diet, sleep, hydration, acupuncture, that improve the underlying condition. 

It’s this capability - moving beyond capturing the data to personalizing solutions based on the data - that is the future of the “Quantified Self”, and we’re thrilled to be leading innovation in this space.

We also saw Conceivable as a potentially disruptive offering for a market that has tremendous need, but few affordable options. In vitro fertilization (IVF), the primary clinical solution pursued by those having trouble getting pregnant, costs roughly $15,000 per cycle. Fewer than 5% of those diagnosed as infertile can afford even one cycle of IVF. Kirsten’s goal was to provide a proven solution for improving natural fertility at a price point 90% lower than IVF. The average time required for the Conceivable program to reach its full effect is 4-6 months, so at $199 per month, we’ve made that goal a reality.

Since then, Thinktiv has acted as a strategic operating partner and advisor for the company, leading the transformation of Kirsten’s offline program into a technology-enabled mobile health solution.

After naming and branding the new company, and designing the branding and packaging of Conceivable’s proprietary line of herbal formulas, Thinktiv translated Kirsten’s vast knowledge and case data into a powerful Virtual Health Advisor mobile application, which acts as the user’s ‘intelligent’ interface to the program. 

Along the way, we helped the company close a seed round of $800k to bring the program to market, with funding coming from a combination of Kirsten’s former patients, seasoned angel investors, and health industry business leaders.

In the Fall of 2014, Conceivable launched a closed beta program with over 20 of the nation’s largest fertility wellness clinics, where the app and program were tested and optimized with 100+ fertility acupuncture patients. On April 2, we activated the full public launch of Conceivable’s direct-to-consumer program, which makes the program available to anyone struggling with these issues.  We were thrilled with the coverage, including these pieces from TechCrunch, PSFK and mHealthSpot.

As mentioned earlier, the program is available on a subscription basis for $199/month, which includes a personalized monthly supply of herbal formulas and unlimited use of the Virtual Health Advisor mobile app.  Response so far has been tremendous, with over 500 users completing an initial assessment. Ultimately, we believe the core approach of this first program can be extended to address additional women’s health issues, male fertility problems, and certain major diseases.

At Thinktiv, we have the privilege of working with a wide variety of cool companies and talented entrepreneurs. It’s rare that we get the opportunity to play an integral role in a company with the potential to positively impact the lives and health of millions.  For this we are especially grateful to be a part of Conceivable.

We hope you will check out the Conceivable website, and that you will consider sharing the program with those you know who may be struggling with fertility challenges. We’ve been inspired and humbled by the life-changing results we’ve witnessed as we’ve worked alongside the Conceivable team these past 18 months.