Let's Talk Tech — Health Tech

Healthcare is a wild and interesting world. Right now we are experiencing a massive expansion in both the health care capital ecosystem, as well as the general enlightenment of both the public and entrepreneurs.

I've been interested in health-related innovation since I was young. My goal of studying Industrial Design was driven by a deep interest in bio-medical engineering, specifically for its application in prosthetics. (An excellent example of this intersection here.)

Over the course of my career and since founding Thinktiv I've had the opportunity to work deeply on a number of Health and Wellness focused initiatives. I've spend time working in Senior Care, Health and Wellness Tracking, Fertility, Food, Doctor and Patient Communication, Reporting and Monitoring, and even massively specialized areas like Blood Products.

We're passionate about launching transformative products at Thinktiv — especially into new, emerging spaces. Healthcare and MedTech represent the opportunity to not only scratch our innovation fix, but also to significantly effect the bottom line of companies — and more significantly — people.

The wearable revolution, open-data, mobile technology... it's an exciting time to say the least. But it's also tricky to navigate. Whether you are out to change behavior (more about that here), or navigate the complex payer system (and here), you need a great support network along the way.

Most recently Thinktiv has provided that support to two health and wellness companies that we think are pretty awesome: Bloodbuy and Conceivable. Here's a peak of some of the results:

I'd love to share their journeys with you. You can also reach me via LinkedIn or find me on Twitter at @justinpetro. Or, contact us here

If you're developing your first Health or Wellness product, or extending your existing platform, Thinktiv has Playbooks that will achieve your goals.

And, if you happen to be attending SXSW, and want to talk Health Tech during SXSW — or any Tech for that matter — visit us in the Health & Med Tech Expo, booth #222.