i’m an accelerist

We are a venture accelerator

In the world of technology ventures, the word ‘accelerator’ is tossed about like corn in a chicken yard. A venture accelerator can mean many things: A physical place to sit and work and consume electricity for free. A community of startup teams and mentors that help each other launch and test new products. A benevolent angel with a good Rolodex.

Regardless of its application, the term ‘accelerator’ almost always implies the application of something more than just money, an additional variable that allows a business to evolve more quickly. For us, being an accelerator is not about allowing a company to move or fail faster. It’s about engineering a business to avoid failures and achieve maximum winning velocity.

Our model of acceleration lets businesses cheat time by reducing failure cycles. Creates massive upswings in value in aggressive time frames. Allows companies to see the market chessboard, assemble the right players, and engineer the right moves to win. 

We do this with world-class people power, spanning many critical disciplines of expertise. But, these aren't just normal people. They are startup people; entrepreneurs; wealth creators. They connect the dots that others miss; they are creative capitalists. They move markets with more than just capital.    

We call them “accelerists.” Are you one of them?

Are You an Accelerist?